[Script Highlight] Coronation Night by Emma Staff

Editor’s note: Welcome to some scripts literary magazine’s new blog series titled Script Highlight, where we showcase short, or excerpts of, stage plays, screenplays, radio plays/audio dramas, Zoom plays, monologues, and more. Please know that all scripts published are for the reading public only, and that if you wish to use/produce a piece, you must contact the scriptwriter or their representation.

Next, we’d like to take you to a fantastical setting in the short play “Coronation Night” by Emma Staff!

Hello! My name is Emma Staff, and I am a Midwest writer, currently living in Chicago. I went to the University of Iowa for a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre, and I also have a Minor in Religious Studies. My writings usually include some form of magic or mythology, combined with aspects of queer identities.

Submissions for some scripts’s new anthology “Monologues by LGBTQIA+ Scriptwriters for LGBTQIA+ Actors” opened on November 1st and closes on November 30th. Find submission guidelines here. Until then, explore what we like to publish in Issue 5: “What Now?”

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