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Welcome to the some scripts literary magazine Issue 2 Archive! 

All scripts are intended for the reading public only. 

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**As a warning, this magazine does contain scripts with explicit and triggering material regarding vivid violence and cruelty, death, mass shootings, kidnapping, racism, and more.

Table of Contents:

  • Ran Xia // Stage Play // Onions
  • Rachael Carnes // Stage Play // Utøya
  • Sophie Katz // Monologue // Aspec
  • Gary Blackwood // Screenplay // Derangement
  • Charissa Menefee // Stage Play // Grounds for Play
  • August Magee // Screenplay // Rachel, Sarah, Jenna, Chris
  • Kathy Rucker // Stage Play // Beautiful Scar
  • Sophie Katz // Monologue // A Swift and Painless Death
  • Ross Peter Nelson // Stage Play // Workers of the World
  • Ran Xia // Stage Play // Táo
  • LB Ramsey // Stage Play // The Holiest Thing

Contributor Bios

Editor-in-Chief: Alyssa Cokinis

Reading/Editorial Team: Ada Alozie, Jessie Bowman, Harrison Cook, Bryan Flavin, Zephin Livingston, August Magee, Randi Proescholdt

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