Who We Are

Established in 2018 with the first issue published in early 2019, some scripts literary magazine consists of founder & EIC Alyssa and a thriving, ever-changing reading team. We’re all fellow scriptwriters and writers looking to showcase the work of an underrepresented genre in print, as well as celebrate the talent and network of scriptwriters in this world.

some scripts publishes one annual online literary magazine solely dedicated to scripts: theatrical plays, screenplays, radio plays, monologues, Zoom plays, and more! We work in English, but we are happy to accept scripts in other languages as well. In 2023, we will publish our first in-print anthology, Monologues by LGBTQ+ Scriptwriters for LGBTQ+ Actors.

some scripts collective was formed in 2021 to provide audio and online productions of scripts. The collective’s first production was Cokinis’s full-length LGBTQ+ dystopian play Happy Pills, which was adapted into a radio play to play at Oregon Fringe Festival and Atlanta Fringe Audio 2021. Previously, under the magazine’s full title, the collective co-sponsored Climate Change Theatre Action productions (2019, Nanjing and Shanghai, PRC).

some scripts believes and supports:

  • Black Lives Matter (support Black Lives Black Words and Black Writers Collective)
  • Land Back
  • trans rights are human rights
  • all LGBTQIA+ people deserve to feel safe and thrive
  • everyone should be anti-colonization, anti-imperialist, and anti-fascist
  • climate change is real
  • art is for enjoyment but also for speaking out, especially theatre
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