some scripts collective

some scripts is taking a turn this spring! In addition to publishing Issue 4: “Outbreak” of some scripts literary magazine, we are also forming SOME SCRIPTS COLLECTIVE! This new virtual performance group will make sporadic online productions available to all by means of audio or Zoom productions.


FERN – Taylor Elizabeth Claman

KEROUAC – Ari Bautista

ROSE – Napsugar Hegedus

JON – Xavier Pace

KISA – Ashley Cokinis

ENFORCERS – Keegan Gormally & Alyssa Cokinis

PRESIDENT – Bridget Johnston

some scripts collective is happy to announce that Happy Pills by EIC Alyssa Cokinis and directed/sound designed by Sayde Hampton went to Oregon Fringe Festival and Atlanta Fringe Audio as an adapted radio play.

Help keep us going by contributing a donation!

Donations made and specified for “Happy Pills” will be split directly between all actors and crew for the Happy Pills audio play production.

Climate Change Theatre Action 2019

In 2019, some scripts co-sponsored productions of Climate Change Theatre Action in Shanghai, China (November 2019) and Nanjing, China (Nanjing, China). EIC Alyssa Cokinis and 张沁心 Ivy Zhang served as producers for both productions.

Read production reflections written by EIC Cokinis here.

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