[Script Highlight] The Last Toll-Taker: A Golden Gate Confessional by Jonathan Curiel

Editor’s note: Welcome to some scripts literary magazine’s new blog series titled Script Highlight, where we showcase short, or excerpts of, stage plays, screenplays, radio plays/audio dramas, Zoom plays, monologues, and more. Please know that all scripts published are for the reading public only, and that if you wish to use/produce a piece, you must contact the scriptwriter or their representation.

First up is the one-person play “The Last Toll-Taker: A Golden Gate Confessional” by Jonathan Curiel!

Jonathan Curiel is a burgeoning playwright in San Francisco. His journalism can be found at his website, https://jonathancuriel.com/

Content Warnings: mentions of suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, mentions of disease by line of work, descriptions of car crashes

Submissions for some scripts, both the publication and blog posts, are currently closed until fall 2022. Until then, explore what we like to publish in Issue 5: “What Now?”

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