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Welcome to the some scripts literary magazine Issue 1 Archive! 

Cover art by Shufei.

You may read Issue 1 below. All scripts are for the reading public only, and downloads are prohibited. If you are interested in producing any of these scripts, you can find the writer’s or their representation’s contact information in the “Contributor Bios” section, or some scripts staff is happy to connect you with said writer.

**As a warning, this magazine does contain scripts with some explicit and triggering material regarding sexual assault/trafficking and violence. Please be advised.

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Full Magazine for Download (available to contributors and staff only)

Table of Contents:

  • Sophie Katz // Stage Play // Timber
  • Francis Bass // Stage Play // The Ones I Used to Know
  • Julia Levine // Stage Play // Our Food at Work
  • Kyrie Burson // Screenplay // Beast
  • August Magee // Screenplay // Catching Up with Mr. Apple…
  • Zephin Livingston // Stage Play // Roundabout
  • Donna Latham // Monologue // She Said
  • Rex McGregor // Stage Play // I Love an Earthling
  • Sean Hendrickson // Stage Play // Le Petit Mort
  • Allan Zeng // Screenplay // Nokto Viro

Contributor Bios

Editor-in-Chief: Alyssa Cokinis

Reading/Editorial Team: Jessie Bowman, Harrison Cook, Bryan Flavin, Zephin Livingston, August Magee, Randi Proescholdt

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