Issue 3 – Archive

Welcome to the some scripts literary magazine Issue 3 Archive! You can find the table of contents below for your viewing pleasure. Happy reminiscing!

Copyright Page

Letter from the Editor

Issue 3 – Full Magazine (password-protected, only available for contributors)

**As a warning, this magazine does contain scripts with some mature language and disturbing images of environmental decay and the effects of climate change as well as dealing with dystopia.

Table of Contents

  • John Minigan – Intentional Drowning
  • Francis Bass – Classic Cage
  • Lindsay Adams – Dead Zone
  • Victoria Z. Daly – High Water Line
  • Diana Burbano – Return of Las Maris
  • Rachel Bykowski – Final Exam
  • Rachael Carnes – What a Memory Looks Like

Contributor Bios

Editor-in-Chief: Alyssa Cokinis

Reading Team: Jessie Bowman, Bryan Flavin, Zephin Livingston, August Magee, Randi Proescholdt



Instagram: @somescripts


The Reading Team, as always: Jessie Bowman, Bryan Flavin, Zephin Livingston, August Magee, and Randi Proescholdt. You all are incredible. Thank you.

Toni Proescholdt, for your beautiful photographs for the front and back covers.

Keegan Gormally for his endless support for some scripts.

The contributors for this issue: thank you so, so much for your willingness to be a part of this still-new magazine, as well as trusting us with your pieces: we found each of them to be incredible.

Those who submitted for this issue: thank you for trusting us to read your pieces. This is the most submissions, as well as the most submissions from different areas of the world, we’ve received! We hope you will submit again because we were very impressed by the amount of talent sent our way.

And to you, if you’ve read this far—thank you for supporting us in our third issue. We’re so happy we can keep doing this thing! Please consider liking us on Facebook, following us on Instagram, or checking out our website below!

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