Letter from the Editor Issue 2

Dear Reader,

First, I want to apologize on the wait for this issue. Life happens, sadly, but I hope some scripts can continue to learn and be more reliable of a platform, as well as producing more aesthetically pleasing magazines.

That being said, the purpose of this issue was to express many things: I think we’re angry. I know I’m angry.

I’m angry because the world is full of such injustice. I’m angry that the simplest thing is to try and empathize with a human being yet “simplest” does not mean “easiest,” evidently. I’m angry that I feel powerless to do anything substantial. I’m angry that I am an expat and therefore am told “But you weren’t here [in your home country], so you don’t even know how bad it is.”

I want to know if you’re angry too. If you scroll through your news—no matter what country you’re from—and want to throw your phone against the wall, or if you’ve spent countless days talking to family members or friends about their traumas, if you’ve been the one disclosing your trauma to a trusted person, or if you feel you do not have a safe outlet and so remain silent. I want to know if you feel full of hope despite it all or utterly hopeless. I want to know because I want to understand you better because we’re all human, aren’t we?

In turn, I hope you begin to understand some scripts better as well. After a successful first issue, I decided it was time to turn toward a more specific (or, I guess, “themed”) magazine for this second issue, but I didn’t want it to be kitschy: I truly wanted the second issue to be a place to find common ground, to inspire empathy and action, to see each other over this growing chasm of melancholy and monotony. Just because we feel numb does not mean we have to stay unaware of and inactive about what’s happening around us. And scripts—whether for the stage, screen, radio, or otherwise—are the perfect dramatic structures in order to elicit empathetic responses to both the tragedy and the comedy of this world. There is a reason storytelling has been around for so long, and I think this may be part of the reason.

Thank you to our writers featured in the magazine, as well as everyone who submitted to our second issue. We admire your bravery in your vulnerability. Your stories are important.

Survival. Existence. Healing. Resistance. Perhaps this is the order to a healthier mindset in being an artist-advocate. Perhaps the order is fluid and does not have to be this linear. Perhaps this is a subjective process. Either way, the scripts you see in this magazine today are all based around what it means to survive, to exist, to heal, to resist.

Art is inherently political. I won’t pretend it’s not just to serve a more open and general readership. The time for neutrality is gone. Now is the time to craft and lift up stories of survival/existence/healing/resistance, particularly if they’re from minority communities. If nothing else, we need to do this.


Alyssa Cokinis

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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