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What is the point of publishing scripts in a written format? Scripts are meant to be performed, filmed, recorded, etc.

True! We also think scripts also hold a literary quality and are often left out of other literary magazines, deemed “not literary enough.” We wanted a home and a platform specifically for scripts in written format to be read by a wider audience.

COVID-19 update: Well. Now it’s be written or be Zoomed, pretty much.

How often do you publish an issue of some scripts

some scripts started as a biannual online publication, but COVID-19 and life threw us off-guard (like it did everyone), so now we are focusing on publishing one issue every year.

Why did you decide to publish the magazine online? 

The simple answer comes down to two reasons: a lack of funding for some scripts to be printed and an online presence can reach even more people! One day, we’d like to publish a some scripts printed anthology if possible.

But if I submit, then my script is online and someone could steal it, right? How will you protect my script from being stolen or plagiarized? 

We remain incredibly concerned about this as well. some scripts is continually growing and taking on feedback from our growing number of submitters, contributors, staff, as well as our general reading public. Our past issues are currently archived on our website, only available for past contributors and staff to view at this time.

So I can’t read past issues if I wasn’t published in them? 

At the moment, we’re sorry that you cannot. However, we are working on both a protected and more productive way to give more people access to be able to read issues 1 and 2. Please stay tuned.

Do you pay contributors? 

At this time, we regret that we cannot pay contributors for their work. In the future, we hope to gather the funds to be able to give back to them for allowing us to publish their pieces.

What are some ways I can support some scripts other than submitting

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re able to, we’d appreciate any amount of donation as well, to help keep our website up and running.

What are some other projects some scripts is doing or involved with? 

Stay tuned–new projects including a possible podcast and blog posts are in discussion!

You didn’t answer my question. 

Sorry about that! Please feel free to shoot us an email at somescriptslitmag@gmail.com or contact us through the form here.

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