Introducing some scripts collective!

You may have noticed we have a new page dedicated to some scripts collective! Welcome to some scripts‘ new online performance venture. We’d like to thank COVID-19 for taking away live performance to make us miss watching and working in performance so much that we just had to do something about it.

So, what is some scripts collective? Great question! We hope some scripts collective will develop online/virtual performances, even when the pandemic is a thing of the past. While some scripts literary magazine is about the literary merit of scripts, sometimes reading or performing the scripts out loud can help us appreciate their literary merit even more.

Another goal for some scripts collective is the same as some scripts literary magazine: to help develop and uplift new work for the stage, screen, Zoom, radio, and more.

We hope you will enjoy our first production, the adaptation of our EIC’s full-length play Happy Pills to an audio play production, which will premiere as a virtual production at Oregon Fringe Festival 2021! Stay tuned for more information on Happy Pills!

Please consider supporting us on Ko-Fi or PayPal to help us offset costs to pay contributors for the next issue of some scripts literary magazine! If you specify “Happy Pills” or “Oregon Fringe Festival,” then we will split your donation among actors and the creative team. šŸ™‚ We appreciate your contribution and will name you as a sponsor!

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