Time to Pay Contributors

Hello all! It’s Alyssa, founder & editor-in-chief here. I’m so excited to finally begin this initiative: it’s long overdue for the experiment that some scripts is trying to be, as a magazine dedicated solely to feature the work of playwrights, screenwriters, monologue writers, radio playwrights, and other scriptwriters.

some scripts literary magazine wants to pay contributors chosen to have their work featured in our future issues!

What does this mean for submissions? Well, some scripts still won’t charge you to submit your work. We want to compensate you for your writing, if you’re chosen to have your work published with us.

We do need help getting the funds to compensate contributors. Please help us reach $250 to support up to 10 contributors for the next issue: Check out our campaign on Ko-fi!

Learn more about our submission guidelines to know what we’re looking for and what our process is! There’s currently no deadline. We’re looking forward to reading your submissions!

Stay safe and wear your mask!

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